Support Local Black Creative Melquea Smith of PrettyKitty Commissions!

Local illustrator Melquea Smith of PrettyKitty Commissions is raising funds for our uplifting art book!

This is what she told us:

My name is Melquea Smith and I am a local female black illustrator. I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign for my first self-published art book. This art book is a collection featuring 14 of my best illustrations with personal reflections on how I overcome artistic struggles.

This is a perfect message to young and upcoming artists such as myself. This book is to show that they are not alone.

My Kickstarter to raise the funds for this book will launch January 31st and end on March 3rd. I would really appreciate this being shared within our community.

Not many illustrators look and sound like me.

Attached below are social media friendly images for my art book. Please use them as you see fit.

Thank you so much for your time and offering this service. I am spreading the word of Black-Owned Syracuse everywhere I go!

Donate to her Kickstarter campaign here.

NOTE: If you are trying to raise funds for anything, please email Promotions for these types of causes are free, and will be promoted on all social media platforms as well. Thank you!

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