Help Gun Violence Victim Terry Durham With Recovery!

In order to keep a strong community that can support entrepreneurship, it’s important to keep it safe environment for our youth. When unfortunate events happen, coming together as a community makes a big difference for the victims.  Read Gun violence victim Terry Durham story:

On January 14th, 2019 the city of Syracuse had another tragic shooting. 20 year old Terry Durham was shot in the back and rushed to a local hospital. He was placed in intensive care for the better part of two weeks. In ICU Terry has undergone numerous surgeries as he was fighting for his life. He has since been removed from intensive care but still has an uphill battle with a long road to recovery. We are starting a Gofundme page on Terry’s behalf. Terry is an SEIU Local200 member who currently works in food service at Ernie Davis Dining center. Outside of work Terry has a hobby for making music and a love for animals. He has a bright mind and positive attitude in which he loves to spread to others. Terry is a very passionate person with a big heart. Currently he is surrounded by his loving family and supported by countless number of friends. We are asking for donations to help Terry and his family with mounting bills and medical expenses. Whatever you can do as an individual will be greatly appreciated by all that are involved. On behalf of Terry and his family they can not thank you enough.

Donate via his GoFundMe here.

NOTE: If you are trying to raise funds for anything, please email Promotions for these types of causes are free, and will be promoted on all social media platforms as well. Thank you!

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