Help Corcoran High School Junior Compete in Australia!

Malique Wilson, a junior at Corcoran High School, has been chosen to compete in Australia on 7/10/2019 for Hurdles. He needs to raise $5,000. Here is an excerpt from his GoFundMe Campaign.

Dear friends,
In this day in age we hear so much tragedy in the news concerning our youth.
Malique Wilson is a junior at Corcoran High School in Syracuse,Ny. He is currently in the Inter baccalaureate curriculum. He has been invited to compete in Australia 07/10/2019 for Hurdles .

The Syracuse City School District along with his parents are unable to pay for this extraordinary opportunity alone. Malique is a great student, son, and athlete, and he seeks to run in the Olympics in the near future. He also aspires to study law when he graduates. Malique is currently working at his job McDonald’s to pay for his passport for this opportunity.

Money raised will be used for funding his trip. Helping out with this will also show that good can come out of public schools. It can show that even though Syracuse, NY  doesn’t have the best reputation there is good here, there is hope here, and there is great potential here.

We also request all of you to pray for his goal to be met and to have safe travels. Thank you very much. We truly appreciate you taking the time to hear his story.

Also here is another link  that give detail information on this event as well:

Donate via GoFundMe here.

NOTE: If you are trying to raise funds for anything, please email Promotions for these types of causes are free, and will be promoted on all social media platforms as well. Thank you!

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